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Samsung Lancar Samsung Galaxy S 2 Plus, Hanya Perbezaan Sedikit Dengan Versi Asal.


Samsung dikatakan telah melancarkan Samsung Galaxy S 2 Plus. Namun dikatakan telefon terbaru itu hanya mengandungi perbezaan yang sedikit dari versi Samsung Galaxy S 2 yang asal.
Samsung dikatakan hanya mengemaskini telefon dipertingkat dari Galaxy S 2 ini dengan versi Android 4.1.2 dan versi TouchWiz Nature UX mereka yang terbaru dan telah menurunkan memori dalaman kepada hanya 8GB dari versi asal 16GB. Namun menurut Samsung telefon ini menyokong tambahan memori dalaman (micro SD) sehingga 64GB.

Telefon ini mempunyai kuasa pemprosesan dari pemproses dua teras dengan kelajuan 1.2GHz dengan RAM 1GB. Kamera dengan resolusi maksima 8 Megapiksel bagi kamera belakang dan 2 Megapiksel untuk kamera hadapan. Skrinnya bersaiz 4.3 inci juga dari jenis skrin Super-AMOLED Plus.

Seoul, Korea – January 10, 2013 – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. announced today Samsung GALAXY S II Plus, which combines the performance that have made the GALAXY S II one of the world’s most recognized phones, together with nature-inspired user-interface and intuitive features that greatly boost its usability and functionality.

• The GALAXY S II Plus runs on Android™ 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean) enabling faster and smoother screen transitions, and
  providing an enhanced user interface featuring a new, easier-to-use notification panel. It is powered by an impressive
1.2 GHz dual core processor that enables easy multi-tasking, smooth screen transitions and superior graphics for
some of the most demanding applications and games.

• The GALAXY S II Plus’ nature-inspired user-interface is complemented with intuitive features that make the phone really
  easy to use. Direct Call enables users to automatically dial a call by taking the device to the ear. Smart Stay recognizes
  whether the user is looking at the screen to dim the screen accordingly; while Smart Alert lets users know about
  missed events or status updates just by picking up the phone.

• The GALAXY S II Plus also sports a range of additional features that boost performance and the overall experience in
  entirely new ways. Popup Video allows a video to play anywhere on the screen in a resizable pop-up window while
  simultaneously running other tasks, eliminating the need to close and restart videos when checking new emails or
  surfing the Web. S Voice lets users control the phone using their voice; and Voice Unlock lets users unlock the phone
  using their own voice.

• A 4.3” WVGA Super AMOLED Plus display offers a generous viewing experience and enables photos captured with the
  powerful 8MP camera to be enjoyed in true clarity.

• The rear camera features a zero-lag shutter speed that captures moving objects easily without delay. The innovative
  ‘Buddy photo share’ function also allows images to be easily and simultaneously shared with friends pictured in an
  image directly from the camera or the photo gallery. Additional features include Group Facetag and Face Zoom to
  deliver a complete photographic experience. The device is packed with the latest Samsung content services including
  AllShare Play, which lets users share content across Samsung devices using a single account and password.
  Users can also enjoy all the benefits of Samsung Hubs, including the latest versions of Readers Hub, Video Hub,

  Game Hub and Music Hub.

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